OSB-3, plywood

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) – this is a pressed oriented strand board, which is based on chips of wood origin. OSB boards are produced by compression of chips under high pressure and temperature, with water-resistant synthetic resin adhesive. The size of chips is in the range up to length 150 mm, and thickness 0.7 mm. Usually, plates consist of three layers, in the outer layers chips are arranged along the major axis (long side), and in the inner layer - perpendicularly thereto. By this arrangement of the fibers of each layer OSB boards have high strength properties, particularly along the main axis. Due to the strength properties of the board OSB became the first wood-based panels, developed specifically for use in the construction industry. By their nature, OSB boards are "improved wood" - a stronger and more elastic (by maintaining all beneficial properties of solid wood), with the total exclusion of defects such as knots, as well as change in fiber direction according to the size of wood.

OSB-3 - the optimal ratio of strength, moisture resistance and cost allows to use this type of boards for load-bearing structures in construction, including in environments saturated with water:
as a solid base for the shingles
as the main material used in the frame construction for the manufacture of homes, shopping pavilions, etc.
for the cladding of walls, floors, ceilings
as a constructive element of staircases and ladders

The dimensions of the sheet:
Length 2500 mm;
Width 1250 mm;
Thickness 6-25 mm;
The area of 3,125 m2;

Types of plywood
waterproof laminated plywood has the following surfaces:
F - smooth laminated film;
W – net-like rough surface;
Water-resistant plywood - it is an industrially treated water-resistant plywood, it has a certain degree of water resistance, as it is glued with water resistant adhesive of phenol-formaldehyde resins. Water-resistant plywood is divided into polished and unsanded plywood, as well as other varieties.
P / P - calibrated plywood, treated with paper, soaked ground, designed for painting, after which it can be applied on an equal basis with waterproof plywood;
C - unsanded and non-calibrated plywood. Used in construction, rough work, for laying floors;
WG - sanded and calibrated plywood. It is used in construction for laying floors and in furniture industry;
BB - sanded and calibrated plywood, with inserts of wood. It is used in furniture manufacture, smooth surface is suitable for painting;

S - sanded and calibrated plywood, the admissibility of the inserts of wood 1 to 1 m2. It is used in furniture manufacture, smooth surface is suitable for covering with Beitz and varnish;
In - sanded and calibrated plywood, does not allow insertion of wood, smooth surface suitable for covering with transparent varnish;